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The mission of the Centro de Comunidad y Justicia (CCJ or Centro) is to improve the educational, economic, and social status of Latinos and low-income immigrants in idaho. 

Formerly The Council on Hispanic Education, Centro, is a non-profit community-based organization founded in September of 1996.

CCJ is a private not-for-profit corporation organized under and pursuant to the Idaho Nonprofit Corporation Act, Chapter 3, Title 30, Idaho code. The organization is exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The primary focus of our work is targeted towards local Idaho communities high concentrations of low income Latino families in need of health, education, and immigrant related services. 

Centro has launched a full-service, low-cost, immigration law office. CCJ also continues to work in collaboration with other human rights and community-based non-profit organizations to provide access to information and resources for the large Spanish-speaking Idaho immigrant community.

The primary goal of our social justice efforts is to defend the civil and human rights of Latino families in Idaho, and to work against discrimination and the unjust treatment of the families we serve.

The major goal of CCJ's educational equity effort is to promote policy efforts to address the academic and English language acquisition needs of Latino students.

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Our overall goal is to address health problems experienced by Idaho Latinos, by helping document factors contributing to health issues, and to recommend culturally appropriate interventions for eliminating and/or reducing Idaho Latino's health risks. 

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